Pattern making is to cut and join flat pieces of fabric to assemble into a 3 dimensional garment.

Take the pieces of a 3 dimensional garment apart and flatten them, to get individual pattern pieces.

The relation between the flat pattern pieces and the 3 dimensional structure of the garment never changes.

You can create a garment by cutting, moving and reassembling the pieces of a pattern, just like the pieces of a puzzle.

Use your original designs to make new patterns.

Starting with BUILDING YOUR OWN BASE : We will draft, sew, try and adjust together your own base which will be used to draft ANY pattern that you dream of.

Pattern building takes place on Mondays 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (1 hour lunch break)

What do we do ?

  1. We build your own base together


2. We start by doing the classical black little dress everybody should have :

3. We decline several designs. Some examples here :

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