Back to work…

South of France holidays are coming to an end…I am a little bit sad to leave my beautiful garden…but I am so excited to embark in a brand new sewing adventure!

Ladies, my target is to create a space where you will be able to sew in a convivial and technical place with good sewing machines and nice cutting table on which you will cut your fabric without breaking your back.

I wish to push the concept further : I want you to be able to sell the clothes you will sew in the Co Sewing space. Together we are able to create a beautiful collection of OOAK (one of a kind)clothes.

  • One pattern = several choice of fabrics & several styles.
  • Our labour = fair price & no poor labour
  • Our fabric = our choice of ethical & traceable material

Let’s create together a new way of fashion. Let’s do our own Fashion Revolution.