Un Atelier dans la Colline

Couture Nomad was founded in Singapore 10 years ago and travelled around the world through their Nomadettes in Shanghai, Guadeloupe, Thailand, Saigon, Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris, Avignon, Singapore, etc…

Catherine, the founder, decided to launch a brand new concept around sewing.

She will be brainstorming about the Co/Sewing Space in her south of France workshop, to be fine ready in September to do the Opening in Singapore.

« I will be working around body shapes, sustainable fashion, happiness through art craft, meditation with sewing and plenty of other themes. I want the sewing to be more than a concept of techniques. I also want the people to be able to dress the way they want including larger or smaller sizes.

I want the Co/Sewing space to become the place to feel good while creating, sewing, cutting with a bunch of pairs.

Right now, I am seated in front of my beautiful garden, surrounded by green. My brain is full of nice images I need to bring to paper before to translate it in shapes, patterns and concepts.

Even the big black ants give me some ideas. I am feeling as an entire captor of energy. Let’s convert this vibes in craft now … »


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