Collection Juin 2019

I’m proud to present you the 2019 June Collection, which has been styled by Natacha Chapon, founder of the Thread Loop. Couture Nomad needed a change and here it is !

You will find new lines, new grading and I added the XS size which is useful for your Juniors.

Long time I haven’t release patterns as I had problem to grade it ! Now I’m happy to have  found the way and I release them after prototyped, graded and tested.

I am part of the generation of modelists who trace patterns by hand and prototype 1, 2,3,4 10 times before to find the good fit of it, meaning I wear lots of prototyped clothes 🙂

After watching plenty of runways I have been working on :

  • a disymetrical skirt called Cactus


  • a front V neckline & back american shoulders wrapped around dress called Prune



  • a wrapped around overall called Plume




  • a chic bermuda called Lapis


Patterns are available:

  • to buy alone in PDF version to print in A4 or A0 size as you wish:

Diamonds can B black Pattern

-Un patron version PDF qui taille de XS à XL / PDF version pattern -Le step by step de montage (envoyé par mail )/ Step by step PDF version


Patron de couture Cactus version PDF/ Sewing Pattern Cactus PDF version



INDIGO PDF Pattern/ Version PDF



LAPIS PDF Pattern/ version PDF



PLUME PDF Pattern/Version PDF


PRUNE PDF Pattern/ Version PDF


  • to buy by collection in offer until June 30th


6 patterns & Step by Step in PDF version/ 6 patrons et Step by Step en version PDF You will receive it through mail/ vous les recevrez par mail Cactus, Indigo, Diamonds can B black,Prune, Plume, Lapis