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Following the government’s new restrictions, we are suspending activities in our studios as of Tuesday, 7th April 2020, to help protect us all.We hope to return as soon as possible to offer the experience and service you expect from us. This doesn’t mean you need to give up the sewing you love.Take this opportunity toLire la suite « Jungle »


As we brace ourselves for the next phase of our battle with COVID-19, we want you to know that we are just as anxious as you are. As a small business owner, there are many things we worry about in a difficult time such as this.But we know and have faith that this too shallLire la suite « Safran »


Let’s all keep calm and stay home for the next four weeks. Spend time with family, finish works-in-progress and perhaps even find time to learn a new hobby! Sewing is a really good hobby 🙂 The Turquoise Jumpsuit can be done is so many different fabrics that you can wear it at home as anLire la suite « Turquoise »

The Nomadettes

Our Nomadettes will teach you how to sew pretty and comfortable clothes for you to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Our method shows you all the Sewing Techniques & Assembly Procedures for you to sew like a pro !

Catherine, Severine and Cecile in Singapore.

Peggy and Marie-Noelle in France.

Isabelle, in Saigon.